Steam motive power and operations in Southern Africa
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Anyone know which of the 15CA's staged at Krugersdorp are worthwhile retaining? Some if not all worked at RPM so the last batch that worked there ought to be ok. 15CA's are thin on the ground with only 2056 in service and 2850 the next best one!
Are those two at Kaalfontein any good?
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Gabor Kovacs
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Re: 15CA

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Hi Dylan!

The Two 15CA at Kaalfontein (Esslen Park Training College) to my knowledge were plinted there mainly because both boilers are heaviy damaged, not sure as to the extent though.
When I last visited there, both locomotives were already heavily stripped and the tenders had huge gapping rust holes right through, and if I can remember well, both locomotives wheels had very thin tyres and were very hollow!

I haven't been to Millsite for some time, but the 15CA's that you are referring to, ex Rustenburg Plats, when I last saw them working on the mine they were already on their last legs, heavily leaking boilers and very bad knocking of the motion and wheels in the frames!
I know many of these locos after returning from Rustenburg Plats were stored outside the 15M shop at Millsite, however after a while these locos were stripped of the brass and shunted down to the coal-stage area where they eventually got cut up! Not sure how many managed to survive! I'll be going soon to Millsite for one last time shortly to have a look around, and I'll make a report for you and others!

Changing topic!
Many who don't visit SANRASM often, probably are not aware that a few years back they were donated two 15CB locos, to my knowledge for one of the coal mines that has exchange sidings at Saaiwater! Anyway when both locos arrived almost 100% complete and the one loco had a "shot" under-carrige with a boiler that was very close to being called "in excellent condition", while the other had a "shot" boiler and almost excellent condition under-carriage!
Had SANRASM at the time (they even had sufficient funds/ing) managed to just swop the two boilers around, and restored the better of the two locomotives, they would have gained unprecedented "milage" in terms of preservation, but as we all know today the mind-set there is not about preservation . . . . . . . . . . . . ? ? ? ? ?
Today both these locomotive have been heavily stripped and certainly they will never be "runners" again, and they are "eye-sores" to those who visit SANRASM!

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