Narrow gauge in Gabon

Photos of motive and rolling stock, stations, signals and anything else train related in Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and other African Countries! Photos should be 800x600 pixels, maximum size 130K. Very good ones will be moved to the Online Gallery, the rest will be pruned away after 14 days to conserve space.
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Narrow gauge in Gabon

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Some pictures and commentary in French here
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Re: Narrow gauge in Gabon

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Thank you for your help.
I write a small translation.
Mr. De Coville founded the trade mark of Decauville.
At the beginning, all the engines where built anywhere : Tubize, Couillet (Belgium) O & K Germany...

This line is absolutely not known in France. The picture shoes a 0-4-2T of an early design. It is not into the worklist, and without plates. It may had been built by Weidknecht but a part of the worklist in lost.
Into the forest there are 2 engines left, certainly the Decauville 0-6-0 T # 900.
Greetings from France

J.F. Couëdou
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