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SWC and Arysta Weedspraying

FOTR thanks SWC and Arysta for weedspraying the Cullinan branch line.

Valuable donation for which FOTR is very grateful.

Arysta LifeScience kindly donated the chemicals and SWC (Sebenza Weed Chem) donated the spraying team and equipment to tackle the weeds and vegetation that was taking over the Rayton to Cullinan branch line. As FOTR is the only user of this line, TFR no longer keeps this line in the pristine condition it once was and it is up to FOTR to organise this task.

20170201 weedspray cullinan 1

FOTR owes a huge debt of thanks to Andre Benkenstein of Arysta and to Gehard Bouwer of SWC for donating the materials, the equipment and a team to do this.

20170201 weedspray cullinan 3

The team: Back, left to right: Blackie (Transnet), Alfie (Transnet), Andre (SWC), Gerhard Bouwer (SWC), Phillip (FOTR), Mario (Arysta), Hans (FOTR). Front: Spikkels (FOTR), Kobus (FOTR).

Organised by Les Labuschagne, on 1st February 2017, assisted by a safety team from FOTR, the weed-control team set out up the line in SWC's custom-built Nissan UD85 spraying truck equipped with hi-rail flanged wheels running the 10 kilometers from Cullinan to Rayton. At Rayton, the truck turned around on its own turntable and returned to Cullinan treating the line a second time.

20170201 weedspray cullinan 4

5000 litres of weed-control chemical was used on the line at a rate of 400 litres per hectare. The line was treated 3 meters either side of the centre line of the track. Within a week the vegetation treated will start to turn yellow and die. Two different types of ground sterilisation chemicals were used to halt any further germination of vegetation. These chemicals enter the ground under the ballast, and form a sterilized barrier.

As the line has had a double treatment, the next treatment will be required around September 2017. Gerhard very kindly offered to also sponsor this second phase of the project for FOTR.

FOTR greatly appreciates the time and effort that has gone into this sponsorship by SWC and Arysta. I would also like to thank the Transnet personnel and the FOTR volunteers for their help on the project. Well done to all.

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