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Funkey Shunter No 8234

The newest addition to the FOTR locomotive fleet at Capital Park is a 13.5-tonne Funkey diesel shunting locomotive (no 8234, built 1981, and named "Stewart" after the late Stewart Wakeling, a founder of Dam Rail). 

Funkey and19D at Capital ParkThe loco has been leased for a peppercorn rental from our friends at "Dam Rail". It was donated to DR by its ptrevious owners, Crown Mines and was intended to assist with DR's restoration of the scenic, but presently closed and heavily-stolen Pretoria-Magaliesburg line. Parked and left almost unused (mainly due to the deteriorating condition of the line) until February 2008 at Nefdt (Pecanwood) siding, this locomotive was in severe danger of being vandalised or even stolen. A decision was taken that this machine, besides being of invaluable use to FOTR for shunting, would be much safer puit to good use at our Capital Park depot. 

FOTR is extremely grateful to the directors of Dam Rail and thanks them heartily for their generosity.

Picture: The Funkey stands in front of FOTR's 19D No 2650 soon after arrival at Capital Park. Picture: KR Wilson-Smith, February 2008.