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Our departure point

GPS Coordinates

Friends of the RaIl, Hermanstad Station, GPS Coordinates:

FOTR's Hermanstad Station is located in Miechealson Street, Hermanstad, Pretoria.

GPS coordinates in three different formats. Pick the one suited to your GPS.

Degrees decimal: 25.71986 deg South, 28.16328 deg East

Degrees, minutes: 25 deg 43.192 min South, 28 deg 09.797 min East

Degrees, minutes, seconds: 25 deg 43 min 11.4 sec South, 28 deg 09 min 47.8 sec East

FOTR departure point

Hermanstad Station

Alongside Miechaelson Street, Hermanstad, Pretoria.

Click this link for directions.

Unless otherwise advised, all FOTR trains depart from FOTR's private Hermanstad Station. This station is safe and secure and has plenty of on-site car parking too! A souvenier shop, selling railway-related items, books, magazines and trinkets is open until the train departs. Cold drinks, hot tea and coffee are also available, so arrive early and relax with us.

Established out of an old disused railway goods depot, this facility is planned to ultimately house the entire operations of FOTR. For the moment it serves as our passenger terminal, mini-museum, offices and as storage for some of our unused rolling stock. The public area contains the old goods shed and a roofed waiting shelter with picnic tables. On days when our train departs in the afternoon (such as the Tshwane Jacaranda Xplorer), we encourage passengers to arrive very early, watch the activity, visit the loco, chat to the crew and enjoy a picnic in the grounds. On those days, we provide braai fires, so bring your meat and wors too!