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Earlier departure time! Due to construction work, our Cullinan "Diamond Express" trains will depart from Hermanstad at 08:00 (instead of 08:30) until further notice. Please be at our station to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to this.

Terms and Conditions and Limitations of Liability

IMPORTANT - Terms and Conditions of Booking and Carriage and Limitations of Liability - IMPORTANT

The Friends of the Rail Association, a not-for-profit organisation registered number 1995/009790/08 (hereafter “FOTR”), strictly limits its liability for injuries, losses or damages towards the members of the public and passengers whilst aboard its trains or using any of its facilities. FOTR accepts seat reservations, runs its train services, carries its passengers and provides all services and facilities subject to the “Terms and Conditions of Booking and Carriage and Limitations of Liability” as listed in this document.

All passenger reservations, bookings, tickets, vouchers, coupons, invitations, boarding passes, verbal or implied assent or any other form of permission or authority to board or travel on an FOTR train or to use any facility provided by FOTR, whether such tickets are printed, digital, verbal or implied (hereafter “tickets”), are issued subject to and including all of the following “Terms and Conditions of Booking and Carriage and Limitations of Liability” (hereafter "terms and conditions”). As the purchaser or acquirer of such tickets, you acknowledge and accept that these terms and conditions form an inseparable and integral part of the purchase or acquisition and use of any ticket/s to travel on a train or use any other facility offered or sold by FOTR or its agents, resellers or charterers.

Except as may otherwise be provided in law, persons travelling on FOTR trains or using any facilities sold or provided by FOTR may not contract out of or exclude any of these Terms and Conditions or Limitations of Liability.

  1. AGREEMENT TO CONDITIONS: When you make a booking or reservation, accept an invitation to travel, acquire or purchase tickets (whether from FOTR or through an agent, reseller or charterer and whether at full price, at a discount or for free) on an FOTR train or for a facility sold or provided by FOTR, you as the “purchaser” and all other persons in your party freely acknowledge that you and all those persons have read, understood, contracted to and accepted, without alteration and in full, all of the following “Terms and Conditions of Booking and Carriage and Limitations of Liability” (hereafter “Terms and Conditions”). You also acknowledge and accept that FOTR will deem that you have the full consent to make bookings and to acquire tickets on behalf of all other persons in your party for them to travel or use any facility sold or provided by FOTR that includes all these Terms and Conditions and that all these Terms and Conditions will apply jointly and severally to all persons in your party and to yourself as the purchaser.
  2. NO EXCEPTIONS: Note that all tickets including those sold by any agent or reseller, including Computicket (which is an authorized ticket seller), will automatically incorporate all these Terms and Conditions without exception and that you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to them at the time of purchase.
  3. MINOR CHILDREN: A purchaser who acquires tickets for minor children will be deemed to be the legal parent or guardian of those children or to have received the legal authority of the parents or guardians to contract for and accept all these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all minor children in their party.
  4. ACCIDENT OR INJURY: VERY IMPORTANT -- LIMITATIONS of LIABILITY. FOTR carries strictly limited public liability insurance. All passengers are therefore carried entirely at their own personal physical and financial risk. FOTR will not be liable for any injuries, losses, damages, medical costs, hospitalisation, support or compensation in the event of any incident, accident, injury or death of any person or passenger by any cause whatsoever, including whilst travelling on its trains, alighting or boarding its trains, whilst travelling on any alternative transportation or whilst present on any Transnet Freight Rail, PRASA, Metrorail, FOTR or other property or at any venue or facility booked or sold through FOTR; whether through the error, fault or negligence of FOTR, its passengers, directors, volunteers, employees, service providers, suppliers, contractors or agents or not. In addition, FOTR will not be liable for any losses, consequential damages or any third party claims or claims brought by any heirs, successors or assigns arising from any such incident. FOTR will not be bound to investigate, pursue, provide evidence for or support any litigation or claims, monetary or otherwise, instituted by passengers against their insurers or any other parties. All passengers are therefore required to ensure that their own personal insurance, personal accident, medical aid or health policies adequately cover and protect them and their possessions whilst travelling on FOTR trains. If necessary, additional suitable insurance should be purchased in advance from an insurance company or broker if needed.
  5. BOOKING AND PAYMENT: Full advance payment is required to confirm a reservation. No persons may board or travel on an FOTR train without both a reservation AND the prior purchase of a ticket. Unless advised to the contrary, no reservations will be guaranteed or held on deposit and no ticket shall be issued without payment in full.
  6. TICKET VALIDITY: Each ticket issued by FOTR is only good for carriage to or from the destination and on the date and time stated on that ticket unless otherwise provided for in the ticket. Where a cancellation or a change in reservation date is permitted, it will be at FOTR’s discretion and may be subject to payment of an administration fee or other charges in respect of such a cancellation or change of reservation.
  7. UNAUTHORISED or FRAUDULENT TICKETS: FOTR may not honour reservations nor provide refunds for tickets acquired from persons or organizations that are not authorized to act as an agent to make reservations or sell or resell tickets on behalf of FOTR. Potential purchasers are requested to ensure that any tickets sold or issued by any such organizations are legitimate and authorized by FOTR before making the purchase. If in doubt ask to see an authorization letter issued by FOTR or contact FOTR’s marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 012-767-7913 for confirmation.
  8. SEATING: Pre-allocated, reserved seating is provided on most FOTR trains. FOTR will endeavour to seat families and known groups of passengers together wherever possible and practical. However, for operational and other reasons this may not always be possible. Seating changes may have to be made, occasionally even after boarding. FOTR therefore cannot guarantee any seating requests and will not entertain any discounts or refunds if preferred seating is not available or if groups of passengers are not able to be seated together.
  9. CANCELLATION and REFUND POLICY: Once a reservation is made and tickets are purchased, no refund will be issued unless the service is cancelled by FOTR or otherwise does not run. The provision of an alternative steam, diesel or electric locomotive or late running due to change in scheduling or for any other reason will not constitute a cancellation of the service for these purposes. Should a refund be offered, it will not exceed the ticket price actually paid and FOTR shall not be liable for any additional losses (including consequential loss) caused by any delay and/or cancellation of the service, or for any missed connection due to breakdown, late running or closure of the railway.
  10. RIGHT of ADMISSION RESERVED: FOTR’s trains, its depot and station are all private property. FOTR reserves the sole right of admission thereto. All persons travelling on FOTR trains are required to be in possession of valid tickets, boarding passes or other permission to travel, issued or validated by FOTR. FOTR reserves the right to deny permission to any person to board, travel or remain on its trains or its property should circumstances dictate without necessarily giving reasons. FOTR also reserves the right to disembark any person at any time en-route who does not possess a valid ticket or who fails to comply with provisions relating to behaviour including smoking, drunkenness, anti-social behaviour, destructive, rowdy or abusive acts, contravening public decency, vandalism, or endangering the safety of the train and its passengers, etc.
  11. BEST EFFORTS: FOTR will use its best efforts and make all reasonable endeavours to run its services in accordance with the published schedule and timing. However this may not always be possible. Whilst breakdowns are rare, the reliability of heritage steam equipment is inevitably less than for more modern trains. Furthermore FOTR runs over tracks belonging to Transnet Freight Rail and/or to PRASA and Metrorail. In terms of access agreements signed with those companies, the acceptance and passage of heritage trains is not those companies’ highest priority. For technical, operational or other reasons this might result in delays, re-routings or cancellations for which FOTR cannot be held responsible but will endeavour to ameliorate as much as possible.
  12. LATE OR NON-RUNNING: Due to the use of third party facilities provided by TFR, PRASA and Metrorail that are beyond FOTR's direct control, all dates and timings advertised or provided are provisional and are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. FOTR will not be held liable for delays, changes or cancelations made to its schedules by TFR, PRASA, Metrorail or other parties not under its control. FOTR will make every effort to contact all booked persons at the contact numbers and/or email addresses provided as soon as possible should a change or cancellation be necessitated, but will not be liable for any losses, damages or fare refunds should the designated contact person not be available or be un-contactable (please ensure that we have at least the purchaser’s email address, cellphone and one other contact telephone number).
  13. ACCURACY of INFORMATION: FOTR reserves the right to make changes to its published running dates or to alter published train times without necessarily giving prior notice. FOTR makes every effort to keep its own published information on its trips as up to date as possible. Please check the FOTR website regularly to be advised of any timetable changes (including cancelled or additional trains) that may have been made by FOTR. Where timetable changes affect an existing train, FOTR will use its best endeavours to contact all booked and confirmed passengers to advise them of the changes. FOTR will not accept any responsibility or liability for outdated or incorrect train or timetable information published elsewhere or provided by external third parties.
  14. MOTIVE POWER SUBSTITUTION: In the event of a locomotive failure and at periods of high fire risk, FOTR reserves the right to change locomotives or operate the service with alternative steam, diesel or electric traction or to cancel the service entirely without necessarily informing passengers in advance. Note that some trips, where indicated, may already be scheduled with such alternative traction. If necessary, in the event of breakdown or when suitable rail transport cannot be provided or operated, FOTR reserves the right at its own discretion to provide alternative transport such as coaches or buses.
  15. ON-TIME DEPARTURES: FOTR's trains operate in reserved time-slots, so prompt departures are essential. FOTR will not wait for late or lost passengers. No-show passengers will forfeit the entire fare paid. FOTR will not entertain any refunds and will not be liable for any consequential losses arising from missed departures.
    IMPORTANT: To avoid being left behind, passengers are advised to ensure that they know how to get to the correct departure point, what the scheduled departure time is and plan to arrive and check-in in good time (i.e. not later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled outward departure and 15 minutes prior to the return departure). Late-arriving passengers may be denied boarding and forfeit their tickets after the doors have been closed even if the train is still standing at the platform.
  16. DISABLED ACCESS: FOTR welcomes disabled persons aboard its trains. However, due to the nature of the heritage coaches used, we regret that there is difficult and restricted access for frail or disabled persons and wheelchair users. We also regret that due to space constraints, no disabled or special access toilets are available on the train. Many remote stations used by FOTR do not have raised platforms or good wheelchair access. Please contact the FOTR sales team on 012-548-4090 during office hours to discuss your special needs requirements. FOTR will try its best to accommodate you. Whilst FOTR’s staff will do all they can to help, frail or disabled persons must be accompanied on board by one or more able-bodied persons to assist them during the boarding and on the journey.
  17. BAD WEATHER: FOTR takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for any inconvenience, damage, injury or loss of any nature or any difficulties arising from adverse weather conditions. During periods when thunderstorms or inclement weather can be expected, passengers should ensure that they bring suitable protection such as umbrellas and raincoats. FOTR's trains are not heated, so please bring adequate travel blankets and warm clothing for the early morning starts and late afternoon or evening returns, particularly in the winter months.
  18. VENUES, etc.: The destinations, venues, side-tours and other off-train facilities are not operated nor under the direct control of FOTR. FOTR regularly checks chosen venues and will use its best efforts to ensure that they and their service are of a suitable standard, but cannot be held liable for any problems or deficiencies at venues. FOTR would, however, like to know about any problems so that these can be addressed with the venue operators. Note also that stations, platforms and facilities, other than at Hermanstad, are not under the control of FOTR. FOTR cannot be held liable or responsible for the state of such facilities nor for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst using them.
  19. NO SMOKING: In conformance with the laws prohibiting smoking in public places, on public transport as well as for the comfort of other passengers, smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on FOTR trains. FOTR also has valuable wooden coaching stock and sometimes travels when environmental conditions are such that there may be a risk of grass or veld fires. Line-side fires can cause delays to our trains and can cause damage to our rolling stock and to the property of others (including the livestock and the beautiful game animals often seen on farms alongside the tracks). As a heritage operation FOTR tries to be ''good neighbours'' with the people who live and farm alongside the lines we travel over. FOTR and its passengers really appreciate your efforts in not smoking on our trains. Note that it is especially dangerous, not to mention inconvenient for people passing through, to stand and smoke in the gangways between coaches. Standing and smoking is therefore not permitted between the coaches. The no smoking rules are strictly enforced and persons not complying may be fined or put off the train at the first available opportunity. In the event that a passenger refuses to comply or cooperate, FOTR will take whatever action it is lawfully entitled to take and may invoke the assistance of the Police.
  20. PASSENGER CONDUCT: Anti-social conduct, including rowdiness, drunkenness and smoking, will not be tolerated and may result in the offender being put off the train. Passengers may not interfere with the safety of the train nor endanger the lives of other passengers. Passengers are required to comply with all reasonable requests from the train staff relating to passenger and train management and safety. In the event that a passenger refuses to comply or cooperate, FOTR may take whatever action it is lawfully entitled to take and may invoke the assistance the Police.
  21. LINESIDE BEGGING: FOTR actively discourages line-side begging for safety reasons. FOTR trains often pass through and sometimes stop at signals in areas where there are "informal settlements". Some of the residents, mainly children, beg for money, sweets and food from passengers on the train. This is extremely dangerous because those persons frequently stand next to the train directly on tracks which are in use by other passing trains. Please obey the train staff. Do not hand over gifts and do not encourage this begging. It may be difficult and may seem cruel, but by not passing out sweets, food or money to these people you could avoid a serious accident and thus save lives.
  22. ON-BOARD SAFETY: Please take great care as you cross from one coach to another. Do not linger or stand in the gangway, but cross quickly from one coach to the next. Bare feet are a great risk, so you and your children are required to wear shoes or sandals at all times whilst on the train. No "heelys" or skates are allowed. In addition, some station areas where FOTR stops may be littered with broken glass, thorns and other sharp objects which could cause serious injury to bare feet.
  23. DETRAINING (disembarking): Passengers may not "detrain" at any point on the journey except when authorised by FOTR personnel. Passengers must detrain carefully, especially where there is no high-level platform. Turn around and climb down backwards. Make use of the help and advice of the FOTR staff when detraining. Once off the train, passengers must be aware that they are on the premises of a real working railway. Passengers must watch out for other trains which may approach silently (electric Metrorail trains are surprisingly silent). Passengers may not leave an established public area (station or platform) nor cross over or loiter on any railway tracks. Use the footbridges and underpasses where provided or cross tracks only under direct supervision of qualified FOTR staff.
  24. WINDOWS: Do not lean out of widows. Leaning out of the windows whilst travelling is dangerous not only because of the possibility of falling out, but also because in some places line-side tree branches and other vegetation are not regularly cut back and can cause serious injury to projecting body parts. Smaller children, by virtue of their size and their ability to climb on seats and arm-rests are especially vulnerable to overbalancing. Parents must take extra care and ensure that windows next to children are not fully opened and that children always remain seated.
  25. CHILDREN: Children must be accompanied and supervised throughout the journey by a responsible adult. Parents, adults and other carers accompanying children are reminded of their serious responsibility and the need to adequately supervise and control those in their care. Under-age children (less than 18 years) are not permitted to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on the train.
  26. ON-BOARD HEALTH: To maintain a clean and healthy environment, please do not use the toilets on the train while it is standing at the depot, in a station or at one of the stopping places. Toilets are available at the Hermanstad station and at most venues. Either qualified first responders or a paramedic travels on most public trains. Please ask the staff to call for a medic should the need arise.
  27. OVERHEAD WIRES: Warning. Stay well clear of the overhead traction wires. Much of the track that FOTR traverses is equipped with overhead electrification catenary wires. Most of this is at 3000 volts DC, but on some routes it is at 25000 volts 50Hz AC. Both are instantly lethal if touched. Passengers must avoid any form of contact with these wires. Passengers may not climb onto or over any rail vehicles anywhere there is electrified track.
  28. DANGEROUS GOODS: Carriage of any dangerous goods on FOTR passenger trains is prohibited. FOTR may require that certain dangerous items which may present a safety risk to the train or its passengers, such as liquid fuel or gas cylinders, must be carried in the guard's van or service vehicle or, at FOTR’s sole option, not be carried at all.
  29. FIREARMS: The open display, brandishing or use of firearms or other dangerous weapons is prohibited on-board FOTR trains. In the event that a passenger refuses to comply or cooperate, FOTR may take whatever action it is lawfully entitled to take and may invoke the assistance the Police.
  30. BAGGAGE: Storage space on board is strictly limited. FOTR will permit passengers to bring on board a limited amount of hand baggage, including a small or medium-sized cooler box. However large cooler boxes and large prams constitute a special nuisance and they may need to be stored elsewhere on the train. Passengers may not place items of baggage or “overflow” onto any seats allocated to other passengers nor, for safety reasons, may they block the main aisles or exit doorways with excess baggage and cooler boxes. FOTR personnel may deny permission to bring large items and excessive amounts of baggage on board or request that such items be stored away from the passengers in an alternative location on the train, including a caboose or baggage area.
  31. PASSENGERS’ PROPERTY: FOTR will not be liable for the theft, loss or damage to any personal property or effects whilst on FOTR trains, on any alternative transport or whilst at any of the venues. FOTR’s staff endeavours to ensure that the train is secure when stationary. Non-valuable personal items may be left on the train at the destinations at the passenger's own risk.
  32. CUSTOMER PRIVACY: FOTR will use its best efforts to keep all customer information and personal data, including names, telephone or cellphone contact details, e-mail and postal addresses and any other personal information confidential. All personal data provided to FOTR will remain the confidential property of FOTR and/or its agents and/or employees. No such information will be released or divulged on a public basis nor be provided to any person or organisation not related to FOTR unless specifically agreed by the customer or else requisitioned by a competent legal authority.
  33. DIRECT MARKETING: FOTR uses direct marketing as one of its sales tools. Unless advised otherwise, FOTR will assume that ticket purchasers and those making booking enquiries have opted-in to receive on-going information and news about future FOTR trains, specials and events. If you do not wish to receive this information, you may opt-out at any time by emailing such a request to FOTR’s marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 012-767-7913. FOTR does not sell or pass client information to any external organisations. With the exception of news and information about other similar or related railway operations, FOTR also does not carry out marketing for any external organisations.
  34. TRAIN OPERATOR: Unless otherwise communicated, “The Friends of the Rail Association” is the sole train operator responsible for its train excursions; NOT “Transnet Freight Rail (TFR)”, the “Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA)” nor “Metrorail”.
  35. NO WAIVER: No changes to or waiver of any of these Terms and Conditions shall be of any force or effect unless authorised by and agreed to in writing by the Board of Directors of FOTR.
  36. SEVERABILITY: Each of the conditions in this document is an individual entity in its own right. Should any terms or conditions be found to be unenforceable at law, the remainder shall continue to exist and will remain individually enforceable.
  37. TRANSACTION CURRENCY: The sale of all tickets and charter fees will be in South African Rand (ZAR) and will be converted using a currency exchange rate in use by FOTR’s bankers at the time of payment. Any refunds offered will also be quoted in South African rand and converted to foreign currency at a rate current at the time of refund. In all instances, all risk in currency fluctuations and all bank charges or commissions incurred will be for the account of the purchaser.
  38. JURISDICTION: Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be construed as limiting or restricting any parties' rights to defend themselves, their servants and suppliers or to pursue whatever legal actions they may require or desire in full compliance with and to the extent as permitted in law. All parties to these terms and conditions are deemed to have chosen and agree to the sole jurisdiction of the laws and courts of the Republic of South Africa.
  39. ARBITRATION: Any dispute of whatsoever nature arising out of these terms and conditions concerning any of the rights and/or obligations of any party thereto including any dispute as to the validity of these terms and conditions, shall be referred in the first instance to the arbitration and final decision of a single arbitrator and the parties agree to accept his award as final and binding upon them. The arbitrator shall be selected by agreement between the parties, or failing such agreement, appointed at the request of either party by the Chairman for the time being of the Association of Arbitrators. 

By Steam Train to Cullinan

FOTR's full-day steam train excursion to Cullinan and Rayton departs from FOTR's own Hermanstad Station at 08:00 (new earlier time due to construction work on the line) sharp unless otherwise advertised. Please ensure that you know where our statiion is located and plan to arrive there at least 30 minutes before departure to check in and locate your seats. We operate to a pre-booked timetable slot and cannot wait for late or lost passengers. Click here for directions to our Hermanstad station.

Click the "read more" button for additional detailed information about your journey and your day out with us.

Read more: By Steam Train to Cullinan

Disabled Persons Access

FOTR uses veteren side-door suburban coaches that were unfortunately never designed with elderly or disabled persons in mind. Nor were they really designed for places with low-level patforms. Regretably, some FOTR destinations do not have fully-raised platforms (for example: Cullinan) and a few lack platforms altogether.

Despite these difficulties, we gladly welcome disabled and mobility impaired persons. We have modified two coaches. Our 'lounge' car features a wide-opening double-door, movable seats and open space. One of our other coaches also features a double-door and sufficient open space to take two wheelchairs.

Climbing up or down from the train where there are low-level platforms can be a challenge for some people. We make every effort to assist elderly or disabled persons who are not easily able to board and alight on foot.

But, please first communicate with our sales office before booking should any member of your party be disabled in any way or need special attention so that we can make suitable arrangements in advance and be ready for you.

We also welcome blind and sight-impaired travellers. The smells, sounds and motions of the steam locomotive and the train will create fanstastic, exciting and lasting sensations, remembered for evermore. As an exception to the 'no pets' rule, guide dogs are also free to travel aboard our trains.

In all instances, we require that at least one suitable able-bodied person accompanies and assists any passenger who has any sort of impairment.

Your safety on FOTR.

Friends of the Rail is a highly "Safety Aware" organisation. The club annualy appoints a board member whose primary portfolio is to look after all aspects of health and safety within the club and on its trains. Click the "read more" button to learn more about your safety on FOTR.

Read more: Your safety on FOTR.

Privacy Policy

Friends of the Rail's Privacy Protection Policy

Friends of the Rail (FOTR) undertakes to keep as strictly confidential all personal information in repect of its clients, customers and passengers that it may acquire or collect during the course of its business activities  Except as outlined below, FOTR undertakes not to disclose or share any of your personal information, transactions or activites with any person or entity not having proper legal right or authorisation to access to such information.

Click "read more" to display the full Privacy Policy

Read more: Privacy Policy